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Business Purchase and Sale

Business Purchase and Sale

Buying or Selling a Business – need HELP?

This is a complex topic and it is foolish to buy or sell a business without the assistance of a competent attorney.  When buying an existing business, you will need the expertise of a seasoned lawyer to assist you in planning the purchase, establishing the proper form of ownership and in ensuring that you get what you paid for.  There is very little protection for the buyer of a business in Florida.

One of the first hurdles you face is the development of a proper contract.  This is critical as it identifies all the important provisions that define your “deal.”  This is your insurance that you will get your monies worth.  Your attorney will assist you in developing a proper plan to perform your “due diligence” examination of the books and records of the business as well as the assets and liabilities to be transferred.  Your lawyer should assist you in obtaining proper licensure and permits, as well as ensuring that you have an accountant and other valuable and necessary professionals to assist you.

When it comes time to transfer the money, your lawyer will make sure that you get proper title to your new business and its assets.  You do not want any unpleasant surprises.  If you are selling your business, you need an attorney to help you transfer your goods and materials, make sure you are protected from liabiltiies and get paid by your buyer.

At Jupiter Legal Advocates we have substantial experience in all phases of business acquisition and closing.  We are here to help you.

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