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Personal Injury


Florida requires that owners of motor vehicles have at least 10,000 dollars in personal injury protection coverage and just 14 days to use that coverage if needed. This scheme of insurance coverage offers compensations to drivers in case of an accident without considering who was on the wrong during the collision. In some situations, the PIP rules and regulations may protect the at-fault party from possible lawsuits. In case of a car accident, an attorney can be of great assistance in handling the PIP insurance process. An attorney would make sure that one receives all possible benefits and also determine if one can make a law suit in case of a car crash. It is very important to note that, in case of a car accident, PIP insurance covers medical costs only if you go for medical treatment within a time frame of two weeks (14 days), otherwise you may not be eligible or may be denied collecting the benefits that come under your PIP insurance cover. Limits on No-Fault Insurance Here, any applicable deductions are made before the benefits of no-fault insurance are paid. These deductibles include: 80% of the medical bills. They include dental expenses, costs of out-of-pocket prescriptions and the rehabilitative services costs. Sixty percent of the lost wages. Compensation of the mileage of your travel to the doctor and back home. Death benefits that are worth 5,000 dollars which include the disability and the medical benefits as provided in the insurance policy. Emergency Medical Condition In New Florida, you may not be in a position to collect any benefits more than 2,500 dollars if you are not having an “emergency medical condition”. According to the New Florida law, this is regarded as a medical condition that calls for quick response in terms of medical treatment and care, and one that could lead to a serious damage to the health of the patient. In a situation where one may have been seriously injured, 2,500 dollars may not be enough to cover fully the expense of the medical treatments after the exhaustion of the PIP benefits. Our car accident attorneys can assist one in seeking more money through compensations of the at-fault driver. This is done through the lawsuit of personal injury. On the issue of the emergency medical conditions, the following limits are imposed on the PIP insurance claims in New Florida: – PIP does not cover bills after the fourteen days within which the accident occurs. – PIP only offers coverage for the services of the follow ups if the treatments that were done in the initial stages were for a condition that was identified and diagnosed as a condition of medical emergency. The follow up services must also be related to the condition that was diagnosed. – Therapies such as massage and the acupuncture therapy are not covered by the PIP. If the payments of the benefits of PIP insurance are not made within a period of 30 days from the time of furnishing the insurer with a written notice indicating the covered loss together with the amount, then the benefits are regarded as overdue. An insurer may have a good reason to think that an act of insurance fraudulence has been committed. In this case, the insurer may be given an additional 60 days so as to make investigations in regard to the claim. Your attorney should ensure that the benefits payable to you are paid in time. As you wait for the conclusion of your case, the physician treating you may make a request for a letter of protection. This is an agreement that the payments that are not yet done should be made from the benefits you are claiming. Reviews of the protection letters should be done by your car accident attorney before he or she signs them. It is important to note that, in case of an accident, you should have proof of your expenses out of your pocket. For instance, for you to receive compensations for your out-of-pocket expenses, it is important to have the original prescription receipt and the prescription label usually on the prescription bag. These are then submitted to the insurer. Compensation for Lost Wages In order to receive any reimbursement for your lost wages, submission of a document to verify your salary or wages is done. This is completed by your employer and given to your insurer. This will indicate all of your gross wages covering for the thirteen weeks after the accident. Your employer together with your attorney should ensure that the insurance company fills the Wage and Salary Verification within the stipulated time. It is therefore very important to seek advice from a competent attorney who should assist you through the PIP regulations and rules in case of a car accident.

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