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Are You a Tenant and Ready to Move

When you are READY TO MOVE from your RENTAL what to DO?

If you are ready to move from your rental unit you may be required to give the landlord the written notice as stated in your rental agreement. Be sure to check your rental agreement for any specified notice conditions.  If you do not have a written rental agreement there are still notice requirements to terminate the lease without problems.

Under certain circumstances, if allowed by the provisions of the rental agreement, a rental agreement may be ended when either party gives written notice to the other of their intention. Send all correspondence relating to your intentions to the landlord by certified mail or deliver it by hand and insist on a receipt.

It is usually a good idea to talk with the landlord in person, too. If you must cancel a lease before its expiration date, perhaps the landlord will accept the security deposit as the total financial obligation. If so, be sure to obtain a signed agreement to this effect from the landlord.

When you move from a rental unit – no matter the duration – be sure to settle all accounts. Terminate utility service the day you leave, notify the landlord, post office and others your address change and make other arrangements to minimize inconvenience to the landlord or the new tenants.

One of the most important responsibilities as a tenant is to leave the premises in a clean condition for the next occupant. Be sure to vacuum, sweep, clean all rooms, cabinets and appliances, as well as other areas specified in the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. Take a last walk-through with the landlord. Note any damages in writing and reach a final agreement. If there are any problems or you think you may be charged for damages you did not make, take photos and make sure they have a date stamp on them.

If you find yourself in such a problematic position it is best to consult an attorney with substantial experience. There are so many different circumstances that a proper answer to your particular problem can only be obtained by a trained and experienced lawyer.

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