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Police Officers Need Protection

Protecting Police Officers – A Tough Job.  Have you been notified that you are the subject of an internal affairs investigation

Law enforcement officers arguably have one of the toughest jobs in the nation. They alone are charged with keeping the streets and neighborhoods of this country safe from crime. Every day, police officers put their lives on the line—life and death decisions are in the job description. Because of the enormous responsibility that comes with a badge, law enforcement officers are held to a much higher standard of personal and professional conduct—as well they should be. This higher standard and increased visibility renders police officers vulnerable to false accusations from the criminal element and others in society whose sole motivation in making these allegations is to disrupt law enforcement activities.

The legal protections afforded all citizens, including suspects and convicted criminals, from illegal and improper police procedures are provided by the U.S. Constitution as well as Federal and State statutes. Moreover, most law enforcement agencies also implement a wide array of departmental procedures that govern the conduct of their officers during traditional police activities. Unfortunately, rank-and-file police officers are sometimes subjected to abusive and improper procedures and conduct on the part of the very departments or agencies they serve. In some instances, the basic rights that most citizens or employees would take for granted are either denied or simply unavailable to police officers. In a startling number of jurisdictions throughout this country, law enforcement officers have no procedural or administrative protections whatsoever; in fact, they can be, and frequently are, summarily dismissed from their jobs without explanation. Officers who lose their careers due to administrative or political expediency almost always find it impossible to find new employment in public safety. An officer’s reputation, once tarnished by accusation, is almost impossible to restore.

Most police departments afford only a minimal level of procedural protections for police officers accused of administrative wrongdoing. The gravity of the potential harm to officers created by the lack of uniform safeguards, and the patently unfair disparity in rights afforded criminal suspects but not police officers are compelling reasons for police officers who have been charged with alleged improper acts to immediately seek legal advice from a qualified and experienced attorney. Many times the attorneys afforded to police officers through their association are not experienced enough to provide the level of protection that an officer may need. Sometimes that “free” lawyer may cause you to get what you “paid for” along with your firing.

We have a long history of protecting officers rights and we are aggressive in doing so. We have taken on many internal affairs investigators and forced them to treat our clients properly, providing our clients with the proper level of protection.

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