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How many times have you been driving and another driver does something unbelievable?

A lot of us would answer “EVERY DAY!”

The truth is that you are right – they are ALL lousy drivers – that is – except YOU!

So? Why are there so many bad drivers? That’s easy – the government lets EVERYONE drive a car. Keep in mind that a car is a 4000 pound metal missile being guided by a possibly demented paranoid schizophrenic who just smoked crack. And they are headed for YOU! The highways are full of drunks, crazies, drug addicts, unlicensed drivers….you name it!

So how do we stay safe in this world of high speed metal monsters? Should we have more police; harsher laws; reduced speed limit? None of these are an answer – but the answer is simple….BETTER DRIVER EDUCATION!!!!!

Formal driver education/training programs exist in almost all jurisdictions around the world. They are generally accepted as an efficient and effective means for learning to drive, and, more importantly, for learning to drive safely. Recently, there has been a heightened interest in driver education/training, largely as a result of the adoption of graduated licensing in a few jurisdictions in North America and elsewhere. These jurisdictions have elevated the status of driver education/training by integrating it into the licensing system..

Driving instruction in Germany has gone through a process of constant improvement over a period of many decades. If you are a problem driver in Germany, you must undergo a probationary driving period during which you are subjected to retraining. The retraining is put in the hands of licensed driving instructors. Instructors must be at least 23 years of age, be suited to the profession intellectually, physically and in terms of personality, have undergone basic secondary school education followed by vocational training in a recognized subject, be in possession of a driving licence for all classes of vehicle, and have sufficient experience driving vehicles in the class for which they wish to become instructors.

In Germany driving is taken very seriously. This is understandable when you realize that a German driver’s license costs over $2000, after a minimum of 25-45 hours of professional instruction plus 12 hours of theory. The practical, on-the-road training time has to include night driving, autobahn experience, in-town driving, and a multitude of other driving situations. The test for a German driver’s license includes questions about the mechanical aspects of an automobile, in addition to the usual examination on the rules of the road.

With the incredible cost in loss of life, serious injury, property damage and increasing insurance expense we are astounded that driver’s ed is not mandatory and that there is NO continuing driver education. In Florida – if you get a traffic ticket, you can attend driving school online, rent a DVD or attend “comedy” driving school. What a sham and a disgrace!

If you find yourself injured in an accident  – it is best to consult an attorney with substantial experience. There are so many different circumstances that a proper answer to your particular problem can only be obtained by a trained and experienced lawyer.

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