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Some of us don’t know what it means “Slower Traffic Keep Right“, or why we should do this.

Most of us don’t know how to easily change lanes.

Here is a test to see what is meant:

You are driving in the right lane and the car in front of you slows down to turn right. You would like to change to the left lane so you don’t have to slow down but you can’t take your eyes off of the car in front of you. You don’t know if the left lane is clear or not and you can’t look because you are busy slowing down and trying to not hit the car in front of you. To prevent this from happening in the future you just stay in the left lane. On the highway you also just stay in the left lane because you don’t want to deal with merging traffic.

We don’t want to get trapped behind some slow person in the right lane while lots of fast people go whizzing past, not letting us back into the left lane.

Some of us believe we are already going too fast and certainly nobody should be going any faster. So there is no reason to let the guy behind us pass.

Learn to think logically instead of emotionally.

Consider these examples:

1. The left lane ahead is blocked. Everyone in the left lane will have to move to the right lane. Due to our fear of what people will think we move to the right lane as soon as possible. If we go all the way to the blockage before merging right we figure the person in the right lane will be mad that we didn’t do it earlier like everyone else. This results in people moving from the left lane to the right lane at many points. This really screws the people in the right lane. Logically it would be better if there was only one point where the merging took place, and it would be 1 to 1 (1 car from the left lane, then 1 from the right, etc.). And logically the only place that makes sense to do the merging is at the point of the blockage.

2. A similar situation exists where one of the lanes ends 1000 feet or so after the traffic light. To avoid having to merge after the intersection too many people get in the lane that doesn’t end before reaching the traffic light. This is done because there is a perception that it is unfair to go in the lane that ends because you get ahead of everybody. Those who are in the lane that doesn’t end are rude and make it hard for the ones who are trying to merge after the light. The result is that for much of the time that the light is green we only have one lane’s worth of traffic getting through. This inefficiency results in lots of cars piled up waiting to get though the light. Our emotions tell us that nobody should use the lane that ends but logically this won’t work. The reason there are two lanes for a short while after the light is so we can get more people through the intersection while the light is green. It makes more sense to go single file after the intersection rather than before.

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