Slip and Fall Accidents and Your Pool


while at a pool, you may be entitled to MONEY DAMAGES

Your pool can be a place of fun and relaxation, but it also poses hazards. In addition to the potential for drowning, pools also pose a slip and fall danger. As any child knows, wet surfaces are slippery, and pools often are surrounded by water caused by inevitable splashes. Slipping and falling by the pool can lead to brain injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and other serious injuries. Here’s how you can prevent pool-side falls:

1) If your pool springs a leak, have it cleaned right away. A leaking pool creates many slick surfaces, all of which pose a slip and fall hazard. Close off the pool area until the leak is fixed.

2) Do not permit running in the pool area. Children, especially, can get carried away by the pool and can run by the pool. Running increases the odds of slipping significantly, so have everyone be a little more careful around the pool area.

3) Consider having no-slip adhesives or strips added to the poolside. These strips are sold at most hardware stores and many pool supply stores and are relatively inexpensive. They don’t prevent slip and fall accidents, but they do provide extra traction near the pool.

4) Post signs near your pool about dangers. Signs advising “no running” and listing pool safety rules are a good reminder for your family and are useful when visitors come over for a swim. Posted pool safety rules tell everyone how to stay safe while having fun.

5) Clean up the pool area after swimming. Water drips from swimmers and most swimmers create splashes in the pool. As a result, the surrounding surface of a pool is often quite slick. After you have finished your swim, mop up the extra water to prevent injuries.

6) Place a solid fence and gate around your pool. Keep the gate locked whenever the pool is not in use. This can prevent someone from wandering into your pool area and injuring themselves.

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