Swimming Pool Injuries

Swimming Pool Injuries

Swimming pool injuries are an unfortunately common occurrence, especially in Florida.

Pools, though very enjoyable and wonderful to have in south Florida, can also be very dangerous to both young children and grown adults.

It is estimated that it takes less than 5 minutes and under 2 inches of water for a child to drown.

Every year there are hundreds of adults and children who suffer serious swimming pool injuries at either private or public pools.

When there is a swimming pool injury it is not uncommon to discover that there was either a fault in the design or construction of the pool, or there may be improper or inadequate safeguards and security.

Further, the pool may have been improperly maintained.

Throughout the country hundreds of children die each year in pool related accidents. It is estimated that most of these deaths occur to children under the age of 3.  

Swimming Pool

Injuries in and around pools can range from taking in too much water while swimming, to improper chemicals or chemical maintenance in the pool, in addition to more serious injuries such as contusions, broken bones, paralysis and coma.

The owner of the private pool or public pool does have responsibility. If you have been injured in a swimming pool accident and you believe that another person is at fault, please call the Firm at 561 748-8000 or email us at info@jla.legal. We will assist you in getting the homeowner’s insurance information or the public facility or private facility’s insurance information so that medical bills do not overburden you.

This link will take you to a good website to assist you in securing and making your pool a safe and fun area for you and your family is the following.

In Florida statute 515.29 – Residential swimming pool barrier requirements outlines the current Florida law on securing your pool if there are minors in the household. 

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