Truck Accident Injuries

Truck Accident Injuries

Truck Accident Injuries

Truck accident injuries may be more common than most people realize.

In fact, every 16 minutes, a person is injured or dies in an accident involving an 18-wheeler, tractor trailer, or semi-truck.

If you have the victim of a truck accident injury or were involved in a tractor trailer accident, it is important to contact an attorney immediately.

An experienced lawyer may be able to recover damages on your behalf from the negligent driver or trucking company.

Driver fatigue is a leading cause of trucking accidents, as drowsiness significantly increases a driver’s risk of being involved in a crash. In fact, fatigued truck drivers became such a concern that in 2003, new federal regulations regarding hours of service were instituted.

Although these truck driver regulations have reduced the number of tractor trailer crashes, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board still estimates that truck driver fatigue is the cause of up to 40% of all trucking accidents.

When a trucking accident is caused by truck driver fatigue, the injured victim or their loved ones, in a case of wrongful death, can sue the truck driver or trucking company to recover for their losses.

Our lawyers are experienced in all areas of truck accident injuries and are aware of the federal trucking laws. We will investigate your case to determine whether the at-fault driver and trucking company violated hours of service regulations.

Here are the most common causes of trucking accidents:

  • Lack of driver training.
  • Schedule overload and impractical expectations imposed on drivers by trucking companies; this encourages drivers to rush and break the law (e.g., speeding) in spite of the obvious dangers.
  • Drivers with a history of accidents and traffic violations that have not had their commercial licenses suspended or revoked.
  • Driver fatigue, drowsiness, alcohol intoxication, and prescription or illegal drug use.
  • Road rage and other forms of aggressive driving
    Failing to adapt to risky driving conditions (e.g., snow, black ice, fog, etc.)
  • Subpar maintenance of significant safety components of tractor trailers such as tires and brakes and inadequate repair work.
  • Load exceeds truck’s weight limit or is balanced incorrectly.
  • Poorly maintained roads, malfunctioning traffic lights, inappropriate road layout, construction obstacles, obscure signage, insufficient lighting, and trees or shrubbery obstructing one’s view.
  • Commercial license requirements that differ depending on the state where it is acquired.

A number of truck accidents happen because people sharing the road with these big rigs are unsure how to maneuver around vehicles of such magnitude.

However, the majority of these collisions are caused by truck driver negligence or poor vehicle maintenance.

In most cases, our attorneys can assist in getting much of your lost wages, medical bills, property damage, and other related costs reimbursed to you.

We will also help you deal with your own auto insurance company as far as making any necessary claims in addition to handling your case against the noncommercial driver’s insurance company. Even if you are unsure whether you are at fault, please consult with us immediately.

If you or a loved one has suffered truck accident injuries and require the immediate services of a highly experienced and aggressive attorney, please call the Firm at 561 748-8000 or email us at

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